Eddie Bravo    – Founder of the 10th planet jiu jitsu system/2nd degree black belt under Jean Jacques Machado

 “Nabil is not only one of my top students, he is also one my best instructors and is definitely one of the most active competitors in the 10th Planet association. Nabil is the complete package.” -Eddie Bravo





Num Noi Singpatong  –  Owner/Head trainer at Sing Patong in Phuket, Thailand.  Num Noi actively trains 4 current Lumpinee stadium champions as of 2012.

“Ken can train technique same same Thai style. Ken very good for knock out!” – Num Noi Singpatong






JACEN BROOKS   – undefeated MMA fighter and Battlefield fight leagues 170lb champion.

“I have watched Ken fight and have been a fan for years. Ever since I started training with him (1 year ago) my game has gone to another level.  He is an amazing coach and his world class experience makes his style and coaching second to none.  Truly blessed to have him as a coach/training partner and friend” – Jacen Brooks



Oron Deachkalon SumaleeHead trainer at Sumalee boxing gym in Thailand.  Oron has over 250 fights and is still active holding numerous titles.   www.sumaleeboxinggym.com

 “Ken has a good heart. His technique is very good. He is an easy student because he is good at what he does. He likes Thai culture and we are good friends. I have seen him fight about four times and he has excellent hand work. He is fast. I really like the fact that he has taken my Esaan dance and the Kaen (Esaan Instrument) to an international audience. I took him to Channel 7 TV where he appeared on a comedy show playing the Kaen. He has also fought in Lumpinee.” – Oron Deachkalon Sumalee




Ryan Valley10th planet jiu jitsu student

“Nabil is a beast on the mats!  But other than being a beast, Nabil is an excellent teacher,  and even a mentor for us students. Nabil has been the major architect in my bjj game, he has been nothing but supportive when I first started at 260, and thanks to Nabil I’m now at 190 strong. Nabil is great bjj player, a great teacher and just an all around great guy.”

– Ryan “Tuna” valley
The 137th most interesting man in the world



Saeid Mirzaei – 10th planet jiu jitsu student/MMA fighter and Amateur champion

“Ever since I started training with Nabil he has completely revolutionized my Jiu Jitsu. Nabil’s knowledge and open minded approach to Jiu Jitsu has helped me improve my game at a rate I never thought I could progress at.”

Saeid “Prince of Persia” Mirzaei
WCMMA Welterweight Champion