Group / Personal Training Coquitlam

At TitanMMA we offer professional group or personal training in Coquitlam tailored to your needs.

Our qualified personal trainers specialize in helping you reach your goals either in one-on-one or group environments. Whether you want to burn fat, increase gains, or train for a particular sport, we’ll help you achieve maximum results in minimum time by providing you with expert advice and specialized programs.

personal training coquitlam | TitanMMA

Our trainers specialize in:

  • Body fat loss.

  • Muscle gain.

  • Strength training.

  • Circuit training.

  • Muay Thai.

  • Jiu Jitsu.

For many people, family, work, and other commitments can quickly take priority over their own health. If this sounds like you, having scheduled weekly workouts with a trainer can help you focus on your own well being without cutting into your other responsibilities.

Our trainers provide accountability and support to make sure that your health always remains a priority. Plus, our handcrafted programs will make sure you’re only doing the right exercise to achieve the goals you’ve set.

group / personal training coquitlam

Working with a personal trainer is the best way to make sure you spend your time at the gym as efficiently as possible. Based on your goals, our trainers can help you maximize your training by:

  • Suggesting new exercises,

  • Helping you improve technique, and

  • Pushing your limits.

Our group programs are also a great way to make sure you keep up your commitments to your health and well being. Each group is accompanied by one of our trainers, and many find the combination of expert knowledge, camaraderie, and group energy to be one of the best ways to stay motivated during training.

So, whether you’re just getting back to exercising or you just want to try something new, contact us today about our group/personal training services in Coquitlam.

Group / Personal Training Rates:

Personal Training: $100/hour | $850 upfront for 10 sessions.

Group Training: Please contact us for prices.